First Trust Bank – A Commitment To Business

First Trust Bank’s lead sponsorship of the BEFTAs 2018 reflects the bank’s ongoing commitment to serving the corporate and business banking marketplace in Northern Ireland.

First Trust Bank has worked with Business Eye over the past three years on the highly successful Business Eye First Trust Bank Small Business Awards. For November 2018, it has taken over the lead sponsorship of the region’s leading and most established business awards, re-named The BEFTAs from 2018 onwards.

“First Trust Bank works with businesses of all shapes and sizes and in every sector of the Northern Ireland economy,” says Seamus McGuckin, Head of Business Banking at First Trust Bank, “So we are delighted to partner with the team at Business Eye team to revamp the well-established business awards.

“In the last year against ongoing challenges and uncertainty, much of Northern Ireland’s business community has gone above and beyond standard practice, showing levels of creativity and innovation that can inspire others. We are delighted to join Business Eye in celebrating these stand-out organisations and leaders in our business community at the new-look BEFTA business awards this autumn.”